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Happy 10th Anniversary Sagan 4!

By Hydro | September 2, 2016


Today marks the 10th Anniversary of the creation of Sagan 4. Many creative people have worked on this project over the last 10 years. We have had people come and go, just like the species of Sagan 4. Many thanks to everyone who has participated in the past and present. May Sagan 4 have many years to come. Happy Anniversary of Sagan 4!

I know I always post that each year, but wow! 10 years!!! Things have changed a lot in 10 years yet Sagan 4 has been a constant in my life and I hope yours too. I feel kinda bad i did not do anything special for it, but I think the fact its still going after 10 years is amazing in itself! THANK YOU SAGAN 4 TEAM!

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