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Tuesday, September 29th, 2009

After months of waiting and e-mails back and forth with the people of the famous “Epona Project“, Sagan 4 was able to get a link on their website homepage! This should hopefully bring those interested in Epona to Sagan 4. And of course we not only have Epona’s Website in our links section but also [...]

Contest Winner: Rhodix

Wednesday, September 9th, 2009

Biome: Barlowe Taiga Period: Yannickian Period Creator: Rhodix Fauna: Axetail Sauceback, Boring Centiworm, Butcherclaw Worm, Claworm, Dusty Bandersnatch, Eye-Tailed Darbola, Gushazure, Hungry Shellworm, Joviglut, Luminescent Bandersnatch, Rainforest Slitherworm, Ram-Dagger Sauceback, Trunksucking Worm Flora: Barrelprong, Fattylump Shrub, Featherprong Tree, Feathertop, Fruityprong, Gemorb Shrub, Littler Orbion, Lunggrow, Orb Tree, Orbion, Waving Orbstalk

Third Anniversary

Wednesday, September 2nd, 2009

Today marks the third anniversary of the creation of Sagan 4. Many creative people have worked on this project during this three year time period. And we have had our good time and bad time, but we are still going. We have had people come and go, improve their skills and even start work a [...]