Sagan 4

Diorama Spotlight – North Barlowe Boreal – Biglian Period

By Hydro | August 19, 2014


Biome: North Barlowe Boreal
Period: Biglian Period
Creator: Jlind11
Fauna: Snoa, Snow Sauceback, Joviglut, Shovel-Tube Fessurum, Tube Fessurum, Thaworm, Fuzzy Gusherworm, Wraith Capiri
Flora: Featherprong, Orbion, Lunggrow
Micro: None

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They Never Were #2

By Hydro | July 19, 2014

Here are a few species that never came to be by Somarinoa.


“It was a Trowelhorn Gulper intended to begin to occasionally leave its burrow, and whom had a horn that could be used more defensively. I believe I was also going to go with a more zebra-like coat on this thing, likely paled versions of the Trowelhorn’s colors. Although the name and info is a few computers back now and so I don’t remember them at all, I am currently referring to this thing as the Saberhorn.

What I was most proud of in this image was its toes. I personally thought they came out looking really pretty good, especially considering all my blander MS Paint Sagan art (now don’t go trying to convince me to use another program because computerwise I am a die-hard Paint fan for my lineart). This was also at the beginning of my usage of actual paper and art pens over the original pencil lines (before these images I would NEVER mark over my original lines on paper for fear of screwing it up)” – Somarinoa


“This here is the Bogeyman, a descendant I had planned for the Night Slasher. It was larger, its sabertooth flanges had elongated to better protect the teeth when the mouth was closed and it grew a small crest to aid in sound resonation, giving them a frightening roar, using it to scare victims awake as well as to communicate to one another. There was more than likely other information but I do not recall it. I remember though having an idea of some descendants of this thing, including species known as the yorshado, the vampire, and the damphir (which fed on its cousin, the vampire).” – Somarinoa

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Diorama Spotlight – Darwin Tropical Rainforest – Biglian Period

By Hydro | June 12, 2014


Biome: Darwin Tropical Rainforest
Period: Biglian Period
Artist: Colddigger
Fauna: Springing Ketter, Ridge-eyed Darbola, Fruit Phlyer, Vitesenza
Flora: Dark Grass, Broadleaf Hugograss, Rainforest Trunkplage, Raincatcher Sune

Since I ran out of creature features for the moment I thought I should spotlight some of the past dioramas. Ones that have not been shown on the blog yet. Here is one of my favorites by Colddigger. Perhaps in the future we can have a diorama contest again.

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Sagan 4 Creature Feature #66 – Bonegrass

By Hydro | May 27, 2014


By Hydromancerx

The bonegrass split from its ancestor, the jeluki boneflora. It has left Jeluki Salt Swamp and now lives in the intertidal zone of the northern tropical beaches of Darwin. During high tide the live much like their ancestor, but during low tide they have become more adapted to land. Like its ancestor must use the seawater of high tide to absorb calcium through calcification. This gives it a hard exoskeleton trunk.

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Sagan 4 in Starbound

By Hydro | April 20, 2014

So I just made a Starbound mod that adds Flora from Sagan 4. I call it the Hydroflora mod since it also has Naucean flora too. I plan to add much more. :)

Here are some of them …




You can download it here.

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Sagan 4 Tumblr

By Hydro | March 6, 2014

Coolsteph was nice enough to set up a Tumblr for Sagan 4. You can find it here. Thanks Coolsteph!

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Sagan 4 – The Comic

By Hydro | February 15, 2014


Nuevolución has been making a comic for Sagan 4. Check it out here.

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Sagan 4 Creature Feature #65 – Black Woollycoat

By Hydro | January 12, 2014


By Coolsteph

The black woollycoat has a thick coat of cottony wool, which keeps it warm in the winter. The wool is especially thick around its sides, giving the impression of wings. Whenever there is chilly weather, a black woollycoat’s babies nestle in their mother’s wool-wings. However, since the babies are born in summer, this rarely happens.

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Merry Christmas!

By Hydro | December 25, 2013


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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Disaster (Death of Mason)

By Hydro | November 3, 2013

Despite the tenacity of the species of Mason the end had finally come. With near vacuum atmosphere any gasses and water evaporated into space. The reef which helped contain these vital elements lost them over time until they reach a tipping point. The ecosystem collapse and within a blink of an eye the species of Mason were extinguished. The precious water that once sustained Mason was a ring around Sagan 4. However even that disappeared from sight and fell to the surface. So much so that the oceans of Sagan 4 rose up yet again. Now having even deeper oceans. Many islands disappeared into the deep. While one world disparately needed water the other was engulfed by it. All that was left on Mason were the dried out fossils of the amazing species that once roamed around on its surface. Even the caves and caverns that once hid the species from the harsh radiation of species crumbled and were exposed. Mason was dead, but it had a good run.

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